Saturday, December 17, 2005

Where Do All of the Old Programmers Go?

full-of-beans asks: "I work as a software developer for a large UK based international organization. Most of my colleagues that program are under 40 years old. Those that are over 40 tend to be in either Management or IT Support! I was wondering were do all the old programmers go? They can’t all end up in management. I know we don’t get paid enough to take early retirement. Is there some other career that tends to attract 40+ year old programmers, if so I’d like to know, because I’m not that far of 40 myself!"

Slashdot | Where Do All of the Old Programmers Go?

Interesting question for me. What will happen to me after 40 years old. I don’t like to be just IT support or change to management career.


Julian said...

Keep coding, be good at what you do. Something will come up.

So what happens to coders when they're 50?

Gie said...

I know one of them. He was a great coder. However, he is now a dean of faculty of engineering at a famous university in Thailand.