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color editor is…

A syntax color highlighting editor for Eclipse.

ColorEditor uses JEdit’s syntax highlighting mode files.

This is a beta release since a few things don’t work. The biggest issue that doesn’t currently work is supporting a partition that contains another partition(s). JEdit uses this "span within a span” idea in a lot of places but as far as I can tell it will take a good bit of work to support overlapping partitions in Eclipse.

The plugin currently supports highlighting for around 74 different file types.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

BitTornado T-0.3.10

the forums at :: View topic - BitTornado T-0.3.10: "The latest update should fix the problem with the client getting stuck in the task manager under Windows. The pause system has been rewritten, and no longer halts the engine; it should work properly without freezing up now on machines w/ limits on the maximum number of connections that can be kept open. A few other bugs have been fixed, though the GUI width problem hasn't (and may not until the GUI is rewritten). Another stupid bug, where the download time estimate isn't blanked when the client is paused, will be fixed in the next version."

WinSSHD is not as good as expect

I often get unexpected exception that forces WinSSHD crash. Now, I decided to change to openssh. In fact, I have installed openssh for windows for a while to use it with cvsnt. However, the same machine also installs cygwin. I thought it would be nice to install all of these via cygwin. Unfortunately, I can't run cvsnt with cygwin openssh so I install cygwin cvs to solve the problem.

At this point, things should run fine but I can't install sshd as a service to let it run immediately at startup. I am still getting execv: 5 Input/Output error.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

DoBCoS - Schema Synchronize Tool for SQL Server

Davide Mauri: a programmer's homepage: "The purpose of this project is to create an application that allows dbas and developers to compare and synchronize the structure of two databases."

Sunday, January 23, 2005

"IIS Not Running ASP.Net 1.1"

"IIS Not Running ASP.Net 1.1"

In case of you got message like "Visual Studio .Net has detected that the specified Web Server is not Running ASP.Net 1.1", it is because you didn't install IIS at install time. Fortunately, you have a solution to install it later by now using below command.

aspnet_regiis -r


I have found a project namely phpbtque at sourceforge. It is a Web interface to control BTQueue BitTorrent client. Written in PHP. Requires web server which understands PHP, and BTQueue BitTorrent client.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Streaming a Database in Real Time

Streaming a Database in Real Time "Michael Stonebraker is well-known in the database business, and
for good reasons. He was the computer science professor behind Ingres
and Postgres. Eighteen months ago, he started a new company, StreamBase, with another computer science professor, Stan Zdonik, with the goal of speeding access to relational databases. In "Data On The Fly," reports that the company software, also named StreamBase, is
reading TCP/IP streams and using asynchronous messaging. Streaming data
without storing it on disk as are doing other relational database
software gives them a tremendous speed advantage. The company claims it
can process 140,000 messages per second on a $1,500 PC, when its
competitors can only deal with 900 messages per second."

eXeem Released

eXeem™ v0.20 Public Beta has been released to the public. Everybody is now able to download it and give it a try before the final version comes out. There are still some bugs that we have not been able to find yet which is why the program is still in Beta Testing. eXeem™ Public Beta includes its own network that is based on the BitTorrent idea (uses libtorrent as download component), has searching abilities and other funtions that a Peer-To-Peer program should have.

Friday, January 21, 2005

eXeem Lite: a spyware free version of eXeem

eXeem Lite: "is a spyware free version of eXeem"

Slyck announced its launch!

FlashGet - The Best Download Manager (Download Movies mp3 faster)

FlashGet - The Best Download Manager (Download Movies mp3 faster): "FlashGet is specifically designed to address two of the biggest problems when downloading files:
Speed and management of downloaded files.

If you've ever waited forever for your files to download from a slow connection, or been cut off mid-way through a download - or just can't keep track of your ever-growing downloads - FlashGet is for you.

FlashGet can split downloaded files into sections, downloading each section simultaneously, for an increase in downloading speed from 100% to 500%. This, coupled with FlashGet's powerful and easy-to-use management features, helps you take control of your downloads like never before."

I have just migrated from NetTransport 1.92 to FlashGet 1.65. Anyway, FlashGot is still here.

Fast Forward: Is Internet Video Ready for Primetime?

David Kirkpatrick - Fast Forward: Is Internet Video Ready for Primetime? - FORTUNE And we’re seeing real progress. Software like BitTorrent makes distributing video increasingly easier. BitTorrent is a clever peer-to-peer application that enables users to send lengthy videos around the Internet without overtaxing the originating server. And the nation’s biggest broadband ISPs are broadening the pipe further. For its highest-paying customers Comcast Tuesday announced it now will offer six megabits per second, up from a previous maximum of four. That’s a huge bump up from the two megabits per second or so, at the most, that I’ve been getting on Time Warner’s Roadrunner. And Verizon is advertising that it has doubled the speed of its DSL. These changes are important for all kinds of reasons. Not only does more bandwidth make it easier to watch video online, it helps keep the U.S. economy competitive with many other nations where faster Internet speeds are more common. (Given the Internet's wide-ranging impact on almost every industry these days, many economists and businesspeople worry that if other countries are more wired than the U.S., our ability to innovate will be hampered.) As bandwidth grows, there will be more and more content online from both conventional and unconventional “broadcasters.”

Thursday, January 20, 2005

BT Engine 4.5: Powerful Engine for BitTorrent download

Powerful Engine for BitTorrent download: "A powerful assistant tool for BitTorrent download.

BitTorrent is the most popular way for download.But we could not connect to all BitTorrent seeds under most conditions.Which decreased the download speed.

BT Engine has no download ability,but it is a professional tool set for BitTorrent download optimization.The computer optimized via BT Engine will improve its speed of connection while downloading.Meanwhile accelerate the speed to find more seeds and immediately connected to them.Generally,BT Engine can expedite speed to 100% more than usual.

Besides,BT Engine is the only software that could provide disk protect function for BitTorrent download.." because newer is not always better.

California Senator wants to outlaw P2P

California Senator wants to outlaw P2P

Mr. Murray said he wrote the bill because file-sharing companies have the legal responsibility, to monitor the ways their networks are used. "Even if you aren’t selling crack, you can’t have a crack house," said Mr. Murray. He said the law would not require major investments from file-sharing companies: "We are asking for filters, not perfect filters."

The Popcast Pitch

The Popcast Pitch: "Popcast implements 'Open Access Internet TV', that is, broadcast quality video delivered to anyone's broadband Internet PC. Popcast's easy-to-use tools enable any filmmaker, video freelancer or DV hobbyist to deploy a 'channel', a sequence of video segments and shows per the channel producer's specifications and updates. Any Popcast channel can be received by boundless Internet channel viewers by means of a one-click channel subscription, activating Popcast's underlying video delivery network derived from BitTorrent swarming technology."

Rubik's Cube Solution

Rubik's Cube Solution: "Most people solve the cube layer by layer. This is a simple way for the human mind to approach the problem, but it is useless for speed cubing. No matter how good you are, you will use more than 100 moves. Going for speed, I use 60 moves on average. Going for few moves, I average 45.

In the final of the Swedish championship, 8 of 11 competitors used a vanilla layer-by-layer method. The other 3 of us finished 1, 2 and 3!

The basic problem with the layer method is a big one, and it's obvious once you realize it. When you have completed the first layer, you can do nothing without breaking it up. So you break it, do something useful, then restore it. Break it, do something, restore it. Again and again. In a good solution you do something useful all the time. The first layer is in the way of the solution, not a part of it!"


9xImageHost: "9xImageHost provides a free quality image hosting service.

All Registerd free acounts offer:
5000MB Space
5000MB Bandwith
200 Folder Limit
1MB Filesize Limit
Allowed File Extensions: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PDF"

Fixed stop downloading bug in 0.0.18

Finally, I have found the problem of BitTornado 0.3.9b. It will cancel requests that are not being responsed within snub time. After that it will choke itself. It is so hard to get unchoke from other peers at this point.

I just commented this code and BTQueue backs to the fastest client right now. I will release it as 0.0.19 very soon.

Offscreen Imaging: X11, DISPLAY, BufferedImage :: View topic - Offscreen Imaging: X11, DISPLAY, BufferedImage: "Under JRE 1.4, setting the 'headless' property to true allows JFreeChart to render in the absence of an X11 instance. Ray Mercer reports success on RedHat Linux 7.1, 7.1j & 7.2. I have verified correct operation on Solaris 2.7.20:


For servlets, you can use set the property in the command line that invokes the servlet container:

java -Djava.awt.headless=true ...

In tomcat 4, the script can use an environment setting:

setenv CATALINA_OPTS -Djava.awt.headless=true"

ZetaGrid - Statistics

ZetaGrid - Statistics: Grid Monitoring and Statistics generated by JFreeChart. JFreeChart itself is freely distributed under LGPL license but its developer guide is not.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Clearing field to null in enterprise manager

Cell of type integer won't clear - Exceptions, Errors, Bugs: "First, in Enterprise Manager, to set a numeric field to NULL, select the
field and then press ctrl-0 (zero). You won't see anything at first,
just move off the current row to see the NULL result. Deleting the
entry of a numeric field will always fail with the result you're seeing.

Also, try setting the field to null in query manager with a SQL query.
Those two things would let us know if the problem's in the database or
back in the code someplace."

BitTorrent Keeps Humming

Slyck News - BitTorrent Keeps Humming: "While SuprNova is indeed gone, it did not bring the BitTorrent down with it. Dozens of Torrent sites have appeared in SuprNova's wake, and more appear every day. While each may be small, their combined strength continues to make BitTorrent a resourceful network. One has to question however, if more BitTorrent sites simply means more targets for the MPAA."

Tweaking your system to get the most out of BitTorrent

Tweaking your system to get the most out of BitTorrent:
BitTorrent built in the other half of trading you probably learned as a kid: tit-for-tat. That is, if you give me one piece, I'll give you one piece back. BitTorrent will give you a few pieces of the file for free to help you get started, but after that you need to start giving some pieces back if you want to keep downloading. If you don't share, eventually everyone else will stop talking to you. Just like when you were a kid with your toys on the playground. In fact, BitTorrent goes one step futher and actually starts to favor the people who share the most. This means that the more you upload, the faster you'll download.

eXeem is going to be released very soon

Untitled Document: "eXeem is going to be released THIS week (from 17th to 24th January)"

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Useful links for playing emulators

MAME needs BIOS files from!

Roms Sources

EmuAsylum have lots of roms. Unfortunately, it limits download size not to exceed 120 MB per day. Another place is ROMNation.NET which lets us load free of charge (slower).

New command

Since I am encountering firewall problem which does not allow incoming connection, BTQueue looks so slow comparing to firewall which did not allow outgoing connection. To solve this problem, I guessed BT protocol implemented in BitTornado might have done something weird that make it act like that. So, I defined new command named "last_message" for verifying protocol interaction between BTQueue and other peers. In addition, you can set MAX_LAST_MESSAGE using gset command to specify number of messages kept in queue.

Super Nintendo Emulators

I am trying to play my favorite classic super nintendo games on my laptop. Emulator technology goes beyond my imagination; however, the best two emulator are still the same for almost ten years. I choose ZSNES 1.40 to be my first try. Many reviews refer it as the best one that is able to play most roms. If it cannot play, then try Snes9X.

For the first start, it looked like something went wrong since I can't move mouse pointer or press any buttons to interact with ZSNES. Fortunately, it works for second try.

Monday, January 17, 2005

59 spam mails a day!

As of today, I got totally 59 spam mails. Most of them sent to me more than twice.

Serious bug in BitTornado 0.3.9b

I found that BT 0.3.9b has a very serious bug. BT will not download as fast as it could through locally initiated connection. It means BT works best with incoming connection rather than outgoing connection made by itself. It turns out that clients behind firewall will be unable to download; however upload works fine here.

For the last year, I always ran BT behind firewall which blocks only outgoing connections to standard BT ports but incoming connections work fine. I found that incoming connection is the best condition to make BT as fast as it could even without outgoing connection at all.

eXeem Release "Within Next Week" - Where unprofessional journalism looks better - eXeem Release "Within Next Week": "eXeem, the P2P-based BitTorrent distribution program, is likely to be released for the first time within the next week, Neowin understands. In a notice on the homepage of the former Suprnova torrents site, the program's creators say the first public beta is due for release next week."

Friday, January 14, 2005

Oracle and Partners Announce Project MegaGrid

Oracle and Partners Announce Project MegaGrid: "In an effort to develop a standard approach to building and deploying an enterprise grid infrastructure that can outperform traditional big iron solutions at a fraction of the cost, Oracle, Dell, EMC, and Intel have partnered to form Project MegaGrid. By offering a single, validated set of deployment best practices for grid computing, Project MegaGrid addresses these and many other challenges:

  • Reducing Cost: Predefined and pre-tested technology combinations help save money by minimizing downtime, and simplifying the deployment and management of grid infrastructures.

  • Improving Quality of Service: End-to-end testing, validation, and documentation of clustering, load balancing, and high availability configurations enables IT to set reliable service levels for the business with fast response times.

  • Reducing Risk: Validated solutions and cooperative engineering minimize downtime and expedite maintenance and support processes.

  • Managing Growth: Joint Grid solutions revolve around scalability and centralized management to accommodate growth in hardware and users at a low cost.

  • Accelerating Time to Value: Pre-tested, validated best practices simplify and accelerate deployment time for customers.

Hong Kong Makes First File-Sharing Arrest

Hong Kong Makes First File-Sharing Arrest: "HONG KONG (AP) - Hong Kong authorities have made their first arrest for allegedly sharing copyrighted files over the Internet, a spokeswoman said.

The supect used the popular file-sharing program BitTorrent, said Customs and Excise Department spokeswoman Agnes Law.

The 38-year-old man, who was not identified, is suspected of uploading the films 'Daredevil,''Red Planet' and 'Miss Congeniality' onto a Web site from which others could obtain them, Law said.

The suspect was not immediately charged and investigations are continuing, she said. Illegally distributing copies of copyrighted material carries a maximum penalty of four years' prison and a fine of $6,400 for every illegal copy.

BitTorrent uses innovative software that speeds up as the number of people sharing data increases.

Officials have promised to step up copyright protection efforts in Hong Kong, which is known for its fake luxury goods and illegally copied music and films."

BitTorrent, eXeem, Meta-Torrent, Podcasting: "What? So What?"

BitTorrent, eXeem, Meta-Torrent, Podcasting: "What? So What?": "The index that facilitates the sharing of files on a large scale is also the Achilles heel of peer-to-peer file-sharing, because it is vulnerable to litigation and closure. So what happens if the index is itself distributed? I try to get my head around the latest in peer-to-peer file sharing, and explain a bit about what I've learned, including the fact that BitTorrent's power rests in its 'swarm' distribution model, but not necessarily in your end-user download speed. What has this got to do with podcasting? (Answer: invisible P2P plumbing helps the podcasting wheel go round)."

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Psyco - Home Page: "Psyco is a Python extension module which can massively speed up the execution of any Python code."

Upgraded to w.bloggar 4.00.0191

I have just upgraded blog client in my laptop to w.bloggar 4.00.0191. It is still lacking of uploading to some free web, e.g. ImageShack.

Ah. I found a bug while trying to post this blog. w.bloggar tried to convert existing setting to new format at the first startup. Unfortunately, it seems like w.bloggar forgot to store the setting in memory properly so it always returns 12037: HTTPSendRequest failed. By the way, it works perfectly like before after I restarted it.

Missing pyxml in 0.0.18 for Win32 has been fixed

For those who downloaded BTQueue 0.0.18 for Win32, please download and install it again to fix missing pyxml package. It is necessary to upgrade to make crawler work properly. Sorry for that, it's my fault.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


LiNUX Horizon - Block P2P File Sharing: "This script (p2p-grab) will make a log which is useful to generate an IP list. This list is inserted in cbq ( to shape the bandwidth for the users that use P2P programs like Kazaa,
eMule, DC , eDokey and so on. If you use HTB or other programs to shape the bandwidth you can use the IP list generated by this program, but you are on your own. Also the IP list can be inserted in an iptables firewall script..."


p2pshaper documentation: "In short p2pshaper is a set of scripts for the Linux OS, that is used to administer bandwidth on a network overloaded by massive p2p traffic.

Normally, the amount of peer-to-peer traffic on such networks, will make it impossible to surf, not to mention doing interactive traffic (ssh). The normal action is to shut down p2p traffic totally, and set up the net, so that Internet connection is only possible through a proxy. This breaks many useful programs. And not all p2p traffic is evil. Normally, one would mark packets coming to a specific port (emule ports) to be of a lower priority than packets to other ports. This used to be a good solution. But now, there exist a huge number of p2p clients, eact with different port ranges, and also, some programs are able to change the ports. Normally the Internet newsgroup port should have a high priority. But binary newsgroups are sometimes used for massive downloads, which will use up all bandwidth. Better packet markers are needed.

p2pshaper currently exists in two versions p2pshaper v1 and p2pshaper v2. They both works in different ways, so v2 is not 'better' than v1. Which one you use depends on what kind of functonality you want."

shinGETsu - P2P anonymous BBS

shinGETsu - P2P anonymous BBS: "You can handle the thread (BBS compatible as you like. For example, as BBS or diary if you need. You can publish your photos or pictures. The thread is public semipermanently. When your PC is off, someone mirror your data"

GPU : a Gnutella Processing Unit - Distributed Computing over P2P

GPU : a Gnutella Processing Unit - Distributed Computing over P2P: "GPU is a Gnutella client that allows users to share files and CPU-resources. Our objective is to develop a robust framework for distributed computing based on the peer-to-peer network Gnutella. Through GPU, we hope to support peaceful, open and free research through supercomputing. The CPU-time sharing system does not recognize privileges between users. Each person agrees to provide network resources as needed and in return is able to get CPU-cycles from other clients on the network system. Currently, this client allows sharing of music files and some basic computations. Certain plug-ins extend the capabilities of client nodes and are compiled so as to take advantage of the power of the latest processors."


Kenosis: "Kenosis is a fully-distributed p2p RPC system built on top of XMLRPC. Nodes are automatically connected to each other via a Kademlia-style network ( and can route RPC requests efficiently to any online node. Kenosis does not rely on a central server - any Kenosis node can effectively join the network ('bootstrap') from any connected node. More about Kenosis can be found here: This is Kenosis-enabled BitTorrent. Using Kenosis, we've eliminated the tracker as a central point of failure for BitTorrent downloads. Kenosis-enabled BitTorrent is 100% backwards compatible with existing BitTorrent clients."

ANts P2P

Gwren's Home Page: "ANts P2P realizes a third generation P2P net.
It protects your privacy while you are connected and makes you not trackable,
hiding your identity (ip) and crypting everything you are sending/receiving from others."

Application Layer Packet Classifier for Linux

Application Layer Packet Classifier for Linux: "This is a classifier for the Linux kernel's Netfilter subsystem that identifies packets based on application layer data (OSI layer 7). This means that it can classify packets as HTTP, FTP, Gnucleus, eDonkey2000, etc, regardless of port. Our classifier complements existing ones that match on address, port numbers and so on.

Our intent is for l7-filter to be used in conjunction with Linux QoS to do bandwith arbitration ('packet shaping')."

List of supported protocols

bandwidthd "BandwidthD tracks usage of TCP/IP network subnets and builds html files with graphs to display utilization. Charts are built by individual IPs, and by default display utilization over 2 day, 8 day, 40 day, and 400 day periods. Furthermore, each ip address's utilization can be logged out at intervals of 3.3 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour or 12 hours in cdf format, or to a backend database server. HTTP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, VPN, and P2P traffic are color coded.

BandwidthD runs on most platforms including windows. Required libraries are: libpcap, libgl and libpng."

Global maximum upload rate for multiple simultaneous torrents

[BitTorrent] Global maximum upload rate for multiple simultaneous torrents: "The patch basically replace the per torrent bandwidth limiter with a global (multithread) version shared (with appropiate locking) by all the current torrents. The only issue is that each torrent must 'recheck' the permission to send just before sending, because other torrent could had won the race. In this case, simply schedule another try, hoping better luck next time."


Messenger Plus! Plugin API

Messenger Plus! | Help: Plugins: "Developers can create their own plugins for Messenger Plus!. The plugin API is here to help you easily create new commands, new tags, and new features for MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger."


TinyP2P: "The program creates a small-world network, which might be used by a group of friends or business associates to share files. The program does not work well for very large networks; instead, many small networks can coexist. Each network is protected by a password; a network can be accessed only by people who know its password. (But networks are not secure against attackers who can eavesdrop on their traffic.)

The program uses standard communication protocols: HTTP and XML-RPC. HTTP is the same protocol used by web browsers to fetch pages, and XML-RPC is widely used to provide web services.

The program can be run in one of two modes, server or client. When run as a server, the program connects to a network of other servers, and makes all of the files in the current directory available for downloading by users of the network. (Files deposited into that directory while the server is running will become available immediately to other users.)"

BitTorrent Cache

BitTorrent Cache: "I've written a BitTorrent peer/cache which operates without the .torrent files. This is usefull within an ISP conext where you want to cache traffic for your users but don't (or don't want to) know anything particular about the content. It works out of the box with most clients through a HTTP proxy component I've written which adds itself to the peers section in tracker responses."

It also provides patches: btcache.patch and btgetinfo.patch

Is BitTorrent dead?

Is BitTorrent dead?: "No. Well, we don't think so, at least.

Although we were certainly interested in the fact that torrents were so heavily centralized, they grew this way organically, and did not require massive advertising budgets to grow their audience. If eBay were shutdown, another marketplace would simply take its place, by growing into the position. As large torrent sites are shut down, we predict that smaller sites will simply grow to take their place. The only cost to higher traffic is bandwidth, and luckily, online advertising revenues also scale with traffic. This creates an incentive for new sites to emerge and grow.

In this case, centralization is a feature, not a necessity. Just look at most popular and you'll see BitTorrent sites every couple days, as people uncover new places to find the files they're looking for.

But more importantly, the biggest thing we learned from this exercise was that many diverse groups of people are embracing BitTorrent, and the number of sites hosting torrent files is growing by the day. This fragmentation makes tracking down central sites difficult, if not impossible, and also shows how easy it is to host a front-end to torrents. Projects like BlogTorrent will only drive this trend more and more mainstream. And hopefully search engines like will help unite these disparate sources of information, and make things easy to find, regardless of where the files are.

For the people that aim to stop P2P, they have turned a centralized system like Napster – easily controlled, easily monitored – into a fully decentralized system in the form of Kazaa, as well as a fragmented ecosystem of thousands of centralized servers through BitTorrent. This was probably a bad decision. As the folks on say, “hilarity ensues.” "

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bittorrent udp-tracker protocol extension

Bittorrent udp-tracker protocol extension: "A tracker with the protocol 'udp://' in its URI is supposed to be contacted using this protocol.

This protocol is supported by xbt-tracker.

For additional information and descritptions of the terminology used in this document, see the protocol specification

All values are sent in network byte order (big endian). The sizes are specified with ANSI-C standard types.

If no response to a request is received within 15 seconds, resend the request. If no reply has been received after 60 seconds, stop retrying."
The BitTorrent network consists of clients and a centralized server.
Clients connect to each other directly to send and receive portions
of a single file. The central server (called a tracker) only coordinates
the action of the clients, and manages connections. Unlike the
protocols discussed above, the BitTorrent server is not responsible
for locating the searching files for the clients, instead the BitTorrent
network client locates a torrent file through the Web, and initiates
the downloading by clicking on the hyperlink. Hence there is no
signaling communication for searching in the BitTorrent network.
To identify BitTorrent traffic, we focus on the downloading data
packets between clients only since the communication between the
client and server is negligible.

The communication between the clients starts with a handshake
followed by a never-ending stream of length-prefixed messages.
We discovered that the BitTorrent header of the handshake messages
assumes following format:

The first byte is a fixed character with value '0x13', and the string
value is `BitTorrent protocol'. Based on this common header, we
use following signatures for identifying BitTorrent traffic:

  • The first byte in the TCP payload is the character 19 (0x13).
  • The next 19 bytes match the string `BitTorrent protocol'.
The signatures identified here are 20 bytes long with fixed locations,
therefore they are very accurate and cost-effective.

Accurate, Scalable In­Network Identication of P2P Trafc
Using Application Signatures

How bittorrent works

Source: BT floods the web

Monday, January 10, 2005

BTQueue 0.0.18 has been released!

Eventually, BTQueue 0.0.18 has been released with lots of new
features, improvements, and bugs fixed. In this version, xmlrpc is
heavily used to fully support remote submission so that it is the
first cluster-ready BitTorrent client. In addition, low disk space
checking mechanism has been added to prevent consuming all
disk in automatic crawler mode. Output table now is rendered
dynamically to eliminate misalign column. Furthermore, you are
allowed to specify favorite table formatting or define as alias. A
most requested feature is file selection for multifile torrent.
Actually, BitTornado provides this capability for long. However,
BTQueue gives you more flexibility to generate priorities string
for large number of files in a line. Peers command has also added
to help you identify problem when no connection has been made
in reasonable period.

Don't waste your time. Try it right now!

- fixed missing quote before saving xml
- increased default rerequest interval to 20 minutes
- upgraded to BitTornado 0.3.8
- fixed quoting unicode string
- fixed incompatible of xmlrpc in 2.2 and 2.3
- reduced scrape thread to a single thread
- changed to event scheduler instead of delay
- checked for low disk space
- rendered table dynamicly
- added table header
- fixed meta local file
- fixed not creating first directory level in 2.3
- added download priorities in files
- added --saveas and --priority to add command
- displayed changed title if it is done automatically
- fixed displaying usage by option -h
- allowed to customize default command
- removed unused codes
- added returning id from do_add()
- allowed adding metadata directly via xmlrpc
- changed commandline to xmlrpc interface
- added peers command to list of peers in connection queue
- added priorities generation grammar

Thursday, January 06, 2005

eXeem and Cohen

A new hope for BitTorrent?: "'Exeem has nothing to do with BitTorrent,' said Cohen, who is continuing to improve his own technology in hopes of seeing it adopted by big online businesses. 'It's just yet another warez (a slang term for pirated content) tool.'"

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Freeze Panes for view and Repeat descriptive row/col headings for printing

Freeze Panes for view and Repeat descriptive row/col headings for printing: "To see both the column descriptions and the row descriptions, choose the column and cell beyond those you want to freeze.
Select cell B2 --> Window --> Freeze panes

To freeze only the first row descriptions, you would select Row 2 as one beyond the first row the Freeze panes.

To freeze the first two column descriptions, you would select Column C as one beyond the second column and then Freeze panes.

Split and Freeze panes are mutually exclusive you can only have one or the other. Split would allow you to view and scroll independently a vertical and or horizontal split. An alternative to split is to create a new window within Excel to view the same data"

BitTorrent Loyalists Donate Cash To Fight MPAA

BitTorrent Loyalists Donate Cash To Fight MPAA: "'It's a very impressive effort, and it speaks to the fact that Torrent users have a very strong sense of community,' said Fred von Lohmann, staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco."

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Review of the Year 2004

Slyck News - Review of the Year 2004: "The year kicked off with conflicting P2P statistics, which meant that the P2P community was both growing and shrinking. The most advanced research was presented in October by the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis, which showed a continuing steady increase in traffic courtesy of BitTorrent."


Welcome to I2P: "What is I2P?

I2P is an anonymous network, exposing a simple layer that applications can use to anonymously and securely send messages to each other. The network itself is strictly message based (ala IP), but there is a library available to allow reliable streaming communication on top of it (ala TCP). All communication is end to end encrypted (in total there are four layers of encryption used when sending a message), and even the end points ('destinations') are cryptographic identifiers (essentially a pair of public keys)."

BTQueue 0.0.18

I promise to release BTQueue 0.0.18 very soon. It might be this week or next week. Please wait a moment. I am adding the last feature to help all you to select files to download from a large set easier. I guess it is the easiest way in the world. Without this capability, file selector is totally useless!

Monday, January 03, 2005