Monday, October 13, 2003

SCMSWeb goes abroad

After playing around pyblosxom, it has been installed in my home public_html. There are some need to fix bug in category module to ignore duplicate root of data directory. Then, I continue installing scmsweb on koume, ume, and mica. It is difficult to reinstall scmsweb and its requirement on koume and ume because they are shared disk space. The main reason is that the admin tried to optimize disk space by installing some requirements on share and others on another base directory. Finally, it works as usually but rms daemon sometimes hangs up due to memory leak. I have to find the exactly reason to fix this bug.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Deploy PyBlosxom on HPCNC

I was trying to deploy PyBlosxom on HPCNC for 3 hours. Unfortunately, PyBlosxom has no posting feature. It provides separate weblog-add.cgi which relies on AuthBasic in web server. Moreover, there is no suitable initial template and I don't have idea to create one. The result is many broken links appearing on the blog. However, its behind idea is acceptable especially recursive categories. The worst thing is AuthConfig in HPCNC. It seems there are many problems about using regex in Directory directive.

I will keep trying to solve those problems.

Busy day with grid related works

Today is such a busy day. I confirm that it is a Saturday. There are so many e-mail sent to me. Kasetsart University has been certified to attend SC Global as a satellite site (SC Global Sites Status Report). That's the good news. Next one is accoding to PRAGMA-5. Aj.Putchong got problems about receiving e-mail. I have to register on behalf of him. Unfortunately, I don't know flight numbers then I asked P'Or for these information. Finally, it should be okay for all of us. Next step is to wait for response from Grace and prepare our live demonstration in the PRAGMA.

Start using Blog

Eventually, I have created my first blog page to understand the idea behind it. It seems blog is becoming more popular. Blog may be useful in HPCNC, especially for posting a news. Karn's content management is such a complex thing that works very well if no more requirement. We are looking for the replacement mechanism to serve our needs. Blog is a good candidate. By the way, we may need to reimplement blog in our own way. I don't want our web page depended on outside web too much.