Wednesday, January 12, 2005


TinyP2P: "The program creates a small-world network, which might be used by a group of friends or business associates to share files. The program does not work well for very large networks; instead, many small networks can coexist. Each network is protected by a password; a network can be accessed only by people who know its password. (But networks are not secure against attackers who can eavesdrop on their traffic.)

The program uses standard communication protocols: HTTP and XML-RPC. HTTP is the same protocol used by web browsers to fetch pages, and XML-RPC is widely used to provide web services.

The program can be run in one of two modes, server or client. When run as a server, the program connects to a network of other servers, and makes all of the files in the current directory available for downloading by users of the network. (Files deposited into that directory while the server is running will become available immediately to other users.)"

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