Saturday, December 03, 2005

Major Vendors Explore MegaGrid Frontiers

Major Vendors Explore MegaGrid Frontiers: "While grid computing vendors Sun and IBM are taking the reins of the utility computing market, the competition is collaborating to provide proof-of-concept projects to improve and showcase their services and offerings.

This week brought us the announcement of Project MegaGrid, a collaborative effort between Dell, EMC, Intel and Oracle that is focused on developing a standardized approach to designing, deploying and maintaining an enterprise grid architecture.

Each of the four companies is bringing in the technologies for which it is best known. Dell is providing the complete networking architecture, including the server hardware. EMC is providing the storage networking architecture. Intel brings its processors and expertise in processor and server management. And Oracle provides its database software and management tools designed to run in a grid environment. Each of the participants is contributing cutting-edge products to the test environment.

The project is being done in phases. Phase 1, now complete, compared two different grid models, one based on dual-processor Xeon servers and the other based on quad-processor Itanium 2 servers, versus one of the latest generation large SMP Unix servers currently on the market. The goal was to run a real-world telco application at a rate of 550,000 transactions an hour in order to simulate an environment that could benefit from the advantages that grid computing offers.

The project claims to have demonstrated that Oracle Real Application clusters are capable of handling the scale-out approach of grid computing without requiring any application changes, as well as showing comparable performance to the single large, high-priced Unix server."

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