Thursday, December 22, 2005

Rootkits and BitTorrent

A group of malicious hackers is using the BitTorrent peer-to-peer software to push copies of movies and Disney cartoons onto infected machines. A group of hackers in the Middle East is believed to be responsible for the BitTorrent infections, which were observed on a network of computers infected by a recent instant message worm. It is the first known instance of the popular P2P software being used by hackers for malicious purposes, according to researchers at FaceTime Communications Inc., an IM security company. BitTorrent is a popular, free, open-source file sharing software program that allows users to share files on a distributed network of computers. In November, FaceTime staff noticed that modified versions of the BitTorrent client were being distributed to machines that had been infected with the lockx.exe rootkit by an IM worm that spread over the AIM (America Online Inc.’s Instant Messenger) network the month before, said Tyler Wells, senior director of research and development at FaceTime.
Botnet Uses BitTorrent to Push Movie Files

Hackers are fighting back to RIAA and MPAA. This kind of news has been referred by eweek and many others, e.g., and


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