Friday, October 15, 2004

Working with MindMap

I am heavily using mindmap in my work, for example, technical paper, project presentation, meeting report and many more. There are many mindmap software to help creating and maniputing map in mind to reality in monitor. The first one is FreeMind written in java. It is very small in size but consumes huge memory (java vm). The best thing of FreeMind is that it is totally free for all and also includes sources (if you care). Another choice is MindManager which is a popular commercial mindmap software. It allows you to change style of line, node, and layout. Furthermore, you can export your map to powerpoint for quickly presentation in professional looking. In other words, it can also export the map to a document including your note. The output document is almost ready to submit as a technical paper! In addition, it supports task assignment like MS project and can synchronize with MS outlook. Cool!

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