Monday, October 18, 2004

Daemon/Remote in BTQueue 0.0.16

Since 0.0.16 introduces many new features, I am trying to explain how to use it efficiently. The most requested feature is to run it in daemon/service mode. Prior to this version, you (and me) have to run btqueue incorperately with screen to make it run likely in background. Actually, only some of you might want this feature and all of them run btqueue on his/her server placed at ISP. BTQueue perfectly fit the need of administrators for remotely leech/seed on share server or office.

Today, you don't need screen anymore. All you want is just btqueue! However, old style btqueue is still preserved for short-term running. To run it as a daemon in the background, you have to specify daemon command.

$ daemon

After that, you will immediately return to prompt. Now you are ready to control btqueue anywhere by running command below:

$ remote

By default, will bind itself on localhost ( to make it more secure. However, sometimes you might want to control it from anywhere. In this case, please change global setting xmlrpc_ip to or another more specific ip. As you should already know, there are 2 ways to modify setting; 1) directly modify policy.conf and 2) call gset command in the btqueue's prompt.

>>> gset xmlrpc_ip

After modification, restarting is needed.

In remote control mode, you can do whatever you used to do. Note that notifications such as start and terminate are disabled in this mode. Moreover, quiting in this mode will not terminate its daemon. In case of you want to shut down the daemon gracefully, you have to run kill command instead.

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