Thursday, October 14, 2004

Day of Debugging

BTQueue 0.0.16 is going to be ready very soon. It is being tested by developer teams to download bittorrents from various trackers automatically. Today, BTQueue allows user to define aliases with unlimited substitution in each group. In additional, user-defined tracker allows user to dynamicly define pattern of tracker for automatic crawling via cron. For bandwidth shapping, it introduces new algorithm, I called it fair-share, to distribute transfer rate to all session in balance fashion. This action applies to both upload and download. Furthermore, seed rate is activated. In contrast, global upload rate = seed rate + upload rate.
SCMSWeb has been modified to announce resource manager contact string of each queue to its xml. This feature will be used in SQMS to replace MDS. Current, MDS is implemented by OpenLDAP which is very unstable for WAN and especially grid. The most problems are inadequate bandwidth and too high latency that lead to missing information due to timeout error.

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