Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bram Cohen Releases BitTorrent Search Engine

Slyck News - Bram Cohen Releases BitTorrent Search Engine: "It has been a very busy month for the BitTorrent community. First Azureus developed their DHT (Distributed Hash Table) client. Second, the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) CEO and President Dan Glickman accused the entire BitTorrent protocol of facilitating the distribution of Star Wars, Episode III. Then, Bram Cohen releases his own DHT client, followed by an announcement he will release a BitTorrent search engine. Surely, this was the end of the saga right?

It seems not. Today, the MPAA, FBI and U.S. Customs announced the siezure and criminal prosecution of While today's news appeared grim for BitTorrent fans, there appears to be a silver lining.

The much anticipated BitTorrent search engine is now functioning on Although earlier reports indicated it would not be ready for two weeks, it appears to be fully operational.

Unlike traditional search features associated with BitTorrent trackers, the search engine crawls the web for torrent files. Whether a torrent file is indexed by a tracker or not is irrelevant. The search engine is designed to efficiently crawl the web and find torrent files regardless of their location.

It appears the search engine is working reasonably well, considering the amount of traffic is must be receiving at the moment. The search engine is no doubt still in testing phases, so search queries may perform slowly."

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