Thursday, May 19, 2005

ฺBallmer: Google might dissapear in the next five years!

Ballmer: Google might dissapear in the next five years! - Softpedia News: "If until now, the number of world wide active computing systems exceeded the 1 billion threshold, by 2008, their number will exceed 2 billions and according to the same “clairvoyant”, this new generation of systems will be totally different from the ones we were accustomed to.

In the first place, it is outlined the need to develop much more efficient tools to search information to accompany the increase of devices used by the user to save information. Considering the universal trend of migration to the digital information, its organizing in a structure which is easy to consult and to administer becomes a priority for software producers.

According to this concept developed by Ballmer, the online search engines represent the key points of the future technology, and the leader in this domain, none other than Google, is destined to perish in less than five years. These predictions belong exclusively to Microsoft’s CEO who sounds a little like Bill Gates making announcing iPod’s death."

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