Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google PC

The speculation centers on sources who say that Google is in negotiations with Wal-Mart and other retailers to sell a Google PC that will run a Google operating system and be cheap, maybe as low as $200. That’s what sparked the buzz and piqued my interest. A retail relationship could mean something is not far off. Of course, the article is labeled with the big prediction caveat, so "not far off" could also mean never.

But that’s just the latest in a few months of speculation from somewhat legitimate sources on Google hardware. Last month, Bear Stearns analysts predicted "Google Cubes" that would network music and video between PC and TV. And a few little noticed reports last month toted a possible release of a $200 Google-branded thin client based on partnerships with Wyse Technologies. There’s been even further talk about a Google network box if you go a bit farther back. And let me add to the fire by wondering aloud if the operating system is the first concrete connection with the Sun partnership.

InformationWeek Weblog: Are Google PC And Operating System On The Near Horizon?

Wow! It would be nice if I can watch TV to use Google. Read more.

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