Wednesday, October 26, 2005

PuSSH - Pythonic, Ubiquitous SSH

PuSSH - Pythonic, Ubiquitous SSH: "PUSSH is 'Pythonic Ubiquitous SSH' - basically a wrapper for the SSH client consisting of two Python modules (at this time one is called explicitly by the other, although the present construct may change in future versions) - for usage on networks or clusters with lots, or several hosts, or indeed over the entire internet, for that matter), ideally wherein SSH is configured with Kerberos or RSA/DSA keys in such a way as to avoid any password authentication. Using PUSSH, you can send the same command via SSH to a range, cluster or batch of machines of practically any size, and more importantly, IN PARALLEL - if the abovementioned conditions for SSH password authentication are met. If not, then some nifty capabilities are also on offer for purely sequential command execution on your target machines. "

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