Thursday, June 30, 2005


Algorithmic Solutions Software GmbH: LEDA Description: "L E D A is our C class library for efficient data types and algorithms. L E D A provides algorithmic in-depth knowledge in the field of graph- and network problems, geometric computations, combinatorial opimization and other.

L E D A is implemented following the object-oriented approach. It is available in four different packages: basic, graph, geometry and GUI.

L E D A is used in application areas such as telecommunication, GIS, VLSI design, scheduling, traffic planning, computational biology and computer-aided design.

L E D A offers all of the relevant algorithm building blocks in an easy-to-use and efficient form dealing with objects such as graphs, sequences, dictionaries, trees, points, flows, matchings, segments, shortest paths, and many more. Thus it is applicable in all software projects using object-oriented generic programming.

In addition L E D A is available for a multitude of different operating systems and compilers."

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