Thursday, February 03, 2005

Advantage of Kenosis

thom: weblog: "Plus, BitTorrent already has a multi-tracker keyword. Why use DNS? Couldn't each .torrent theoretically be configured at inception with an order of operations as to which trackers it should contact?

No, decentralization is a human endeavor in my opinion, and breaks off from being centralized when neccesary. Don't people remember all the private Napster (OpenNap) servers?"

IMO, multi-tracker in Bt doesn't help us in situation that all tracker has been eliminated by any reason. But, kenosis solves this problem very easily by dynamic DNS which immediately looking for the appropriate tracker available in its P2P network.

However, Kenosis is not the best P2P but its idea is very cool. Other P2Ps focus on transferring data between peer or sharing files among them. Kenosis, instead, focus on finding nodes and services in efficient way. There is potential to use Kenosis to implement eXeem.

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